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Micro-finance institutions delivering loan to MSE 

Micro-finance institutions delivering loan to MSEs
Institution Name
Main Office Address
Types of services rendered
Other information's
Addis Loan Providing Institute

Arada Kifle Ketema
Kebele 03/09
Tel : 0111572720

Additionally there are around ten offices throughout Addis Ababa.

Loan, saving, insurance, financial management service for third party business firms

Interest rate is 9% and an additional 2% for service charge, maximum amount of loan you can get 250,000 birr.

Gasha Small Loan Providing Institute Bole Kifle Ketema
Kebele 07
Tel : 01166558830
Loan, loan for groups, saving lease loan Individuals can get a maximum of 3000 birr and groups 43,000 birr with 15% interest rate.
Africa Mender Finance Ledete Kifle Ketema
Kebele 03/02
Tel : 0113204732
Loan, saving, training You can get loan up to 30,000 birr with interest rate of 20% for groups and 22% for individual loaners.
Leyou financial aid institute

Bole Kifle Ketema
Kebele 06
Tel : 0116622780

Loan, saving, agricultural loan Groups can get loan starting from 5000 birr and individual from 1000 birr up to 1500 with interest rate of 16%
Wisdom Bole Kifle Ketema
Kebele 12
Tel : 0116463569
Loan, saving, agricultural loan A maximum of 100,00 birr could be loaned with 15% of interest rate
Agar Bole Kifle Ketema
Kebele 03/05
Tel : 0116183322
Loan, saving, consultancy 20,000 birr of maximum loan with 16% of interest rate and 3% service charge


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Nationwide additional loan providing firms

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Requirements to get loan


Most financial loan giving firms may ask different things depending on the amount and the type of service required, one of the following may help:

  • Group assurance
  • Other financial capability assurance
  • Lybrae


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